Registration for the Aircrasher FPV Festival Oberhaid Drone Championship 2018

From now on you can sign up.

FPV racing Tendering German Championships and Funrace 2018

  • The regulation from the DAeC for the german campionship are available here Regulation
  • German championship leaderboard competition Registration 
  • Aircrasher FPV Festival Oberhaid  Registration
  • Aircrasher FPV Festival  Stettfeld  Registration

Rules for 2018 are available from now on

Rulebook 2018

We are currently on the finish line for the new rulebook. Please have patience. But we already can state, the rulebook will follow the current BeMode F3U rulebook and with it´s around 20 pages it will be a good foundation for the future of FPV racing. This Rulebook should be a guide for all organizers wanting to execute professional FPV races or the ones that are already are in the planning for one.